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Join us for an eye-opening session on the 3 of the most important tools any organization should be using if they want to be data driven. In this session you will learn what a business glossary, a data dictionary, and a data catalog are, the benefits they bring, and what the relationship between all 3 is.


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George Firican


George is passionate about putting the “Lights on Data”, being ranked among the Top 5 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Big Data, Digital Disruption and Top 15 on Innovation.
George has been a data professional for more than 10 years. One of George’s passions is to create informative, practical and engaging educational content to share with individuals such as yourself, and help organizations get more visibility on social media. George is the proud founder of and its YouTube channel and is the host of the Lights On Data Show.

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How did you originally get involved with data architecture and / or data engineering

As a data governance professional I collaborate with all types of data professionals.

What one data architecture or data engineering book would you take to a desert island. Please give a brief description of the book, and why it stands out.

Fundamentals of Data Engineering – written by my good friend Joe Reis. Within data engineering it is hard to write a book that’s still relevant by the time it is published, but Joe’s will stand the test of time.

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