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Many of the significant advances in database software have been driven by attempts to get around limitations in database hardware technology. This talk will walk through the big innovations in database technology over time to see what limits were removed and what limits were exposed by each advance. The point will not be nostalgia, but to see if we can find a trend line that helps us to see where tech will go next. I’ll offer my wacky idea at the end.


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Rob Klopp – Author of the Database Fog Blog


Rob has been working with advanced database technologies for decades. He worked for Teradata when it was still a venture-backed company, then worked for Greenplum, and for SAP on HANA. In between these product-oriented jobs, Rob worked in the field implementing big data solutions. For many years he actively authored the Database Fog Blog, a popular source of database tech talk.

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How did you originally get involved with data architecture and / or data engineering

I was a mainframe internals guy and saw that parallel micro-computing would likely make mainframes obsolete, so I went to work at Teradata in the early days of big data.

What one data architecture or data engineering book would you take to a desert island. Please give a brief description of the book, and why it stands out.

Readings in Database Systems – Edited by Michael Stonebreaker

The fundamentals of database management still drive the database technology decisions made by product developers and practitioners today. This book assembles many of the papers that surfaced these fundamentals. I need to remind myself of these concepts now and again and might use my island time in this way

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